Reducing Energy Costs in Rural Areas

Mancetter Parish



With a significant proportion of households being off the mains gas network, saving on heating bills is a particular concern for people living and working in rural Warwickshire. Domestic heating is usually more expensive in rural areas as housing tends to be older and less energy-efficient and so fuel poverty is generally higher.

So, in 2012 WRCC set up an energy buying syndicate to create collective purchasing power and keep prices at an affordable level for users.  Membership is open to all in Warwickshire – whether you’re an individual householder, a community group or a business – and it’s free to join.

You’ll be pleased to hear that saving on heating costs can add up significant, too.  

Over the past 6 years WRCC have ordered over 5.2 million litres of kerosene and saved members over £265,000 against average prices quoted – and a huge £539,000 against the maximum prices quoted by local suppliers!

And by helping suppliers to plan and deliver orders more efficiently, we’re saving oil miles and doing our bit to reduce carbon footprint locally, too.

If you’ve got any questions or would like more information, on joining the WRCC syndicate call us on 01789 472619.

How It Works

Members can place monthly orders via our site.  The minimum order amount is 500 litres and each order helps to increase our negotiating power, saving on heating bills for all our customers.  Orders must be placed before 12 noon on the deadline date and, once submitted, are regarded as being binding.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Orders

We have an arrangement with Swift Energy Consultants Limited, one of the market suppliers, so you can also make savings on LPG orders (bulk and cylinders)

If there is sufficient interest in Mancetter Parish, WRCC can even help set up our own syndicate to purchase from a local supplier with potentially further savings to be made. 

So if you are interested in exploring a local heating oil syndicate then please email the clerk at 

 with your contact name, address & phone number, so we can arrange a meeting. 


If you know anyone who uses heating oil in the parish can you please be so good as to inform them of the syndicate as the more people that join the scheme potentially the greater the discounts applied.