Aggressive Tarmac Gang targeting North Warwickshire Farms

North Warwickshire


Warwickshire Trading Standards has received reports that an aggressive rogue trader gang is operating in North Warwickshire, targeting farms. The rogue traders, who may be falsely claiming to work for 'Highways' or 'Traffic Management' are making unexpected visits to farms and farm shops offering to tarmac farm roads/driveways etc. They are reported to become aggressive when their offer is refused. Rogue traders often quote cheap prices before revealing the price quoted is per square metre, leaving businesses with an inflated bill to pay. Rogue traders will almost always do a bad job and use tarmac that is unsuitable, leading to cracks and weeds quickly appearing. Trading Standards Officers warn businesses not to buy goods or services from unexpected doorstep traders. It can be hard to tell a good trader from a bad one on the doorstep.